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Full Mobile Brisbane Locksmiths that comes to you when you need us. Our Automotive Locksmiths have all the latest programmers and key cutters so we can provide you with a solution for your problem. 24 Seven Master Locksmiths are here to help you when we are needed, 24 hours a day7 days a week

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Since the late 1990’s, most cars in Australia have been fitted with transponder security systems or equivalent . These usually incorporate a chip embedded in the head of the car key or an inbuilt alarm/immobilizer, the cars uses a coil around the key hole which picks up the key. The processes take a fraction of a second and most the time you do not relize that this process has taken place.

Most cars these days have a BCM(Body Control Module) which works with the coil around the ignition, when the key is turned the car sends a signal to the key and back. The 2 part process is 1. Mechanical (this is the key blade that is cut to suit your car)  2. Transponder (this is when the car sends the signal to the key and the key responds with the correct programmed in chip) If a valid transponder chip is detected the vehicle will start and run. However, if no valid transponder chip is detected the vehicle may not start or it may only run for few seconds and then stop.

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Programming Car Key.

Modern Car keys these days need to be programmed into your cars so be careful if you are trying to introduce the key yourself as Continued attempts to start a vehicle without a valid transponder may cause the vehicle computer system to shut down the entire electrical system temporarily or if the incorrect procedure is done it can sometimes lead to complete shut down of the BCM.

We can supply keys for most vehicles cheaper and faster than a dealer, We also have the capability of repairing Ford Ignitions with out replacing the steering column,  We can also supply remotes and program them to your car even if factory ones are not available.


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